the Happy Feet Foundation

our name says it all. our sidekick are the wet noses and waggly tails in our lives. our furbabies are our fluffy alarm clocks. they show us that happiness is in the small things. we are late to our meeting because we had to explain where we were going and how long we would be to our dog. they teach us to accept all of life’s treats with gratitude (even the beef liver ones!). happiness is listening to our dog snore. our life is arranged for the sole comfort of our dog, and we couldn’t have it any other way. dog fur is our glitter. our dog listens with her heart, and replies with her tail. she truly is our dramatic little sidekick

so when tasked with how to give back to those furbabies that ask for so little and deserve so much, it was an easy decision. 

the Happy Feet Foundation provides funding for furbabies and their humans for vet bills they couldn’t afford, food that will enrich and prolong their lives, and gives homes to those furbabies who want to give love to a new family. 

because let’s be honest, when our dogs wink at us, we all wink back just in case it’s some type of code. 

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